MAAK demands the resignation of MCSK’s boss and its directors.

Written by on February 23, 2024

The Music Associations Alliance of Kenya is demanding the immediate resignation of the Music Copyright Society of Kenya’s (MCSK) CEO Ezekiel Mutua and its directors due to alleged misappropriation of royalties.

In a statement dated February 22, 2024, the Music Association Alliance of Kenya boss Justus Ngemu demanded the resignation of the MCSK boss further echoing KECOBO’s request to involve authorities in a thorough investigation of the alleged embezzlement. 

We demand the resignation of the CEO of MCSK and all the directors with immediate effect. we also wish to echo KECOBO’s request and call upon the DCI and indeed the EACC to move with speed and apprehend these criminals. do not allow artists to continue suffering in the hands of the Ezekiel Mutuas of this world. please save our music industry,” the music association stated. 

Ngemu further accused Mutua of enriching himself at the expense of Kenyan artists registered under the Collective Management Organization. 

The rest of us continue to languish in abject poverty as CMO managers like Ezekiel Mutua and CMO directors continue to enrich themselves courtesy of our sweat and talents. our hard-earned monies have been embezzled, wasted, and stolen by the very people we trusted to protect us,” part of the statement read. 

MAAK’s statement comes after KECOBO chairman Joshua on Wednesday stated that MCSK had filed to account for the millions collected last year on behalf of Kenyan artists. 

MCSK CEO Ezekiel Mutua however refuted the claims and deemed them as allegations meant to incite unsuspecting musicians against the entity. 

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