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 Blankets & Wine, a renowned music festival hosted in Nairobi, Kenya, has maintained its presence since 2008. This beloved event has solidified its position as a cherished tradition, drawing a diverse and enthusiastic gathering of music enthusiasts from every corner of the country. 

Taking place every quarter, the festival showcases an impressive array of local and international performers, encompassing musicians, poets, and DJs. The music genre varies from Afro-fusion to soul, jazz, and more, creating an ideal platform for the exploration of fresh talents and diverse musical expressions. It is held every 1st Sunday of each quarter. 

Blankets & Wine Kenya 2023 Cococola

Source: NRG Radio

Fashion plays a significant role in shaping the overall ambiance of the Blankets & Wine event, and participants frequently put forth considerable effort to make a striking impression through their attire. The festival serves as an opportune moment for individuals to exhibit their distinctive sense of style and unleash their creative instincts through fashion.

Blankets & Wine Kenya 2023 Cococola

Source: NRG Radio

As the name suggests, Blankets &Wine is a picnic-style event where attendees bring their blankets(maasai shukas)  to sit on while enjoying the music. Food and drinks were also available from various vendors at the venue, offering a wide range of local and international drinks and beverages. 

Blankets & Wine Kenya 2023 Cococola

Source: NRG Radio

Once again, the July 2023 Blankets and Wine captivated attendees with a memorable and unforgettable experience. The July edition of Blankets & Wine presented captivating and high-energy performances that left the crowd yearning for more. Esteemed artists Nameless, Bensoul, and Khaligraph Jones graced the stage, captivating the attendees with their remarkable skills and leaving a lasting. impression on the audience.


Blankets & Wine extended its role beyond that of a music festival and transformed into a social haven where people came together, socialized, and had a great time. The occasion also witnessed collaborations with prominent brands such as Coca-cola, and Coke Studio Africa among others. These partnerships served to elevate the overall encounter for participants, adding an extra layer of enhancement to their overall experience.


Blankets & Wine remains a festive gathering that honors creativity and personal expression, attracting individuals from various backgrounds who join together to showcase their unique style through music, fashion, and food.


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