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Is it factual that August was never a cold month in Kenya? This cold weather in Kenya is not a fight for the weak.  Let me line this up for you, over the last 4 years the world has been experiencing global warming. From the snow in Nanyuki, to the heavy rain on the coast. When […]

Setting the tone for the day’s productivity with a decent morning routine. But is it really only a matter of having an early morning routine and a healthy breakfast?  No matter how much chaos there is when you first open your eyes, remember that establishing a morning routine that increases productivity is a science that […]

It is my mum’s birthday tomorrow, so my family and I were thinking of a quiet, serene environment to surprise her. I was given the role of looking for a nice, cosy and relaxing place to go to. My favourite place has to be the Fairview Hotel by far. Let me give you five reasons [...]

Mental Health refers to an individual’s overall psychological well-being, which includes their emotional, social, and psychological state. It encompasses various aspects of a person’s life such as coping with stress, building and maintaining relationships, and making rational and independent decisions. Mental health affects how a person perceives and interacts with the world around them, and […]

Got any plans this Thursday? Want to relax and enjoy Jazz night? Well, Fairview is the place to be! After a busy day at work I decided to end my day at Fairview Hotel and tagged along with my girls. The name itself describes the place. From the entrance to the lounge area to the [...]

The Weeknd became the first artist in Spotify History to reach 100 Million monthly listeners. The Weeknd is statistically the most popular musician on the planet. The Weeknd currently has almost 30 million more monthly listeners than second-placed Miley Cyrus (82.4 million). On February 27, Abel Tesfaye, more commonly known as The Weeknd became the […]

Over 50 million Kenya Shillings worth of prizes to be won. Monday, 23rd March 2023 – The Coca-Cola system in Kenya has launched the biggest national consumer promotion of the year, set to reward Kenyans with a year’s worth of food shopping. The promotion, which runs for 12 weeks, offers consumers a chance to win over 50 million […]

24th March 2022, Naivas Supermarket today launched their annual Seasonal Campaign. The campaign promises to be authentically Kenyan while delivering memorable experiences through thematic campaigns all the while exceeding customer expectations. This inaugural campaign comes barely a week after Kenyans took to the street to protest over the high cost of living. Kenyans are already […]

Overall View Rear Camera 100MP Portrait Camera + 40x Microlens + 2MP Depth Camera 32MP Selfie Camera for incredible selfies; Selfie HDR Battery 5000mAh Large Battery, 33W SUPER VOOC TM Storage configuration of 8GB RAM plus 128GB ROM, and 8GB RAM plus 256GB ROM. Operating System ColorOS 13 The connection between me and my phone […]

This International Women’s Day, 8 March 2023, is a celebration of all African women under the theme Digital Innovation and technology for gender equality. The NRG Radio women celebrated the day with lots of gifts, delicious meals and some good vibes.  Coming up with gift ideas for women who already seem to have everything is […]

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