Most people made fun of Bahati’s gifting saga but who would have thought that the WaJesus family would embark on a similar saga? To celebrate their sixth anniversary, Kabi announced that they were going to embark on the same journey their family friends did. Milly and Kabi mark 6 years, while the Bahatis celebrated 7 […]

  Allegedly, Tory Lanez shot Grammy winner Megan Thee Stallion in the feet during an argument between the pair after a party in 2020. Later on that year, he was found guilty on three gun-related charges in December and has been held in jail since. The shooting left Megan Thee Stallion in need of surgery […]

According to you, what’s your definition of Hip hop in Africa? Who are the top 10 artist you know in the genre? Do you have the love, passion and knowledge of Hip hop? In 1970s Hip hop became famous as an anti-drug and anti-violence genre enjoyed in the block parties. According to the professor Asante […]

An 18-years-old Anastatia Mayers and her mum Keisha Schahaff becomes the first mother and daughter be part of Virgin Galactic space exploration. The duo got a chance to travel after winning  a place on Virgin Galactic’s second commercial flight in a prize draw. They will also be the first Caribbeans to make the trip. The […]

  During the month of June 2023, there was a major announcement about the inclusion of Genge music to the grammys. For the first time, there is hope of recognition for Kenyan music. What if Gengetone was given the same chance? Perhaps looking at a list of emerging artists would help us add more on […]

October, also breast cancer awareness month, is two months away. Not only does breast cancer affect women, it also affects men. However, a measurable amount of men go for screening if any is offered. Apart from the radiologists screening, there is also self-test cancer screening. How does breast cancer develop? Breast cancer develops as a […]

Approximately nine out of ten people at NRG Radio Kenya  have an Instagram app on their phones. This is the top ten applications used in Kenya. NRG Radio Kenya presenters have shaped the culture, the lifestyle they show on the social media apps. Today, we are going to look at NRG Radio Kenya’s verified presenters […]

Join Deejay Joe Mfalme as he sets to take over the late night show, NRG Aluta from 1st August 2023.The star has been in the industry for 14 years. Deejaying is one of the most difficult sectors to grow in Kenya’s  entertainment industry, with Kenya’s earliest pioneers being DJ Pinye who is said to be […]

Yesterday, Alicia Keys’ husband Swizz Beatz posted photos of their son protecting his mom on stage and said “My boy said I’m not playing no games on moms stage 😂😂😂😂 He a real serious one 😂 Thank you Gen we love you and your protection 😂 He didn’t care she was live on stage 😂😂😂😂”If […]

Did you know that the Buganda Kingdom has a radio station? This must have been a perfect way to teach the people about the kingdom right? Take a moment to map out how impactful this is the Uganda nation. The young people can finally get back to their roots. This Monday, 31st July 2023, Ugandans […]

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