If your parents/ guardians send you an allowance of maybe let’s say, Ksh.20,000/= How can you pay your rent, buy food, pay for insurance and health care, debt repayment and have fun without running out of money? That is a lot to cover with the amount you have, right? How do we navigate that? Simple, […]

According to you, what’s your definition of Hip hop in Africa? Who are the top 10 artist you know in the genre? Do you have the love, passion and knowledge of Hip hop? In 1970s Hip hop became famous as an anti-drug and anti-violence genre enjoyed in the block parties. According to the professor Asante […]

  During the month of June 2023, there was a major announcement about the inclusion of Genge music to the grammys. For the first time, there is hope of recognition for Kenyan music. What if Gengetone was given the same chance? Perhaps looking at a list of emerging artists would help us add more on […]

Approximately nine out of ten people at NRG Radio Kenya  have an Instagram app on their phones. This is the top ten applications used in Kenya. NRG Radio Kenya presenters have shaped the culture, the lifestyle they show on the social media apps. Today, we are going to look at NRG Radio Kenya’s verified presenters […]

Setting the tone for the day’s productivity with a decent morning routine. But is it really only a matter of having an early morning routine and a healthy breakfast?  No matter how much chaos there is when you first open your eyes, remember that establishing a morning routine that increases productivity is a science that […]

Did you know that content is King? Apart from Radio,  NRG Radio Kenya has set its standards high to engage, inspire, inform and entertain its target audience. With more than 13 million views,  NRG TV  is home to more than 130K subscribers. The channel has gained traction due to interesting yet different content.If you are […]

  When was the last time you downloaded an App on your phone? Is your device an IOS or Android? Before we go on, please take a moment to answer each questions above. You definitely don’t need  to worry about the next amazing App on your phone. It would  be an amazing experience if you […]

What a big day for NRG RADIO as it celebrated its 5th birthday since it was launched in 2018. NRG Radio vision focuses on shaping the entertainment sector by connecting consumers with high-quality content on Air, digitally and through experiential. It is a multiplatform entertainment experience that seeks to embrace digital technology.  NRG Radio was […]

Overall View Rear Camera 100MP Portrait Camera + 40x Microlens + 2MP Depth Camera 32MP Selfie Camera for incredible selfies; Selfie HDR Battery 5000mAh Large Battery, 33W SUPER VOOC TM Storage configuration of 8GB RAM plus 128GB ROM, and 8GB RAM plus 256GB ROM. Operating System ColorOS 13 The connection between me and my phone […]

In 2012, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed February 13 as World Radio Day.  Every year, hundreds of radio stations around the world join in the event.  During those long drives for vacation or maybe to work, the radio is still with us, keeping us singing and keeping us informed. It’s like a great friend […]

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