What You Did Not Know About NRG Play App!

Written by on July 25, 2023


NRG Play App

UX of the NRG Play App on Mobile Phone.

When was the last time you downloaded an App on your phone? Is your device an IOS or Android? Before we go on, please take a moment to answer each questions above. You definitely don’t need  to worry about the next amazing App on your phone. It would  be an amazing experience if you carried your radio everywhere, right? Music is like food, some of cannot leave without music. Today you will get a chance to evolve by downloading the NRG Play App on your phone. 

Over the last 5 years, NRG Radio Kenya has brought a revolution as the first audio-visual  Radio Station in Kenya. To add cherry on top, the NRG Play App has brought  a revolution of what Radio on your phone sounds like. Simple, fun and easy to use!

UX of NRG Play App

UX of the NRG Play App on Mobile Phone.

Buckle up and let’s get to know a little more about the NRG Play App..For this App to function, need to have access to the internet.  Once you download the App on your phone, you have an option to either sign up or continue without signing up. It is not mandatory for you to have an account for you to listen.

Did you know that the NRG Play App has 9 radio options? When going through the App during your free time, here are the options on the home page; NRG Gospel, NRG Mixology, NRG HipHop, NRG DanceHall, NRG AfroBeats, NRG Radio Kenya, NRG Radio Uganda, Choice Radio and NRG RnB.


Apart from the mentioned options, there are more features you can work with. The App is designed to make your experience better and out of this world. You can call, use the WhatsApp button, the  mic, read news, use the open mic, watch us on YouTube, the presenter’s option, you can contact or provide feedback. Additionally, you can share the App if necessary.


Downloading the NRG Play App is one the best things you will do this year.. The App rates and reviews stand at 4.7 out of 5, with the size being 61.3MB. This is a clear indication that the App is easy and convenient to use.


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