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Is it factual that August was never a cold month in Kenya? This cold weather in Kenya is not a fight for the weak.  Let me line this up for you, over the last 4 years the world has been experiencing global warming. From the snow in Nanyuki, to the heavy rain on the coast. When […]

October, also breast cancer awareness month, is two months away. Not only does breast cancer affect women, it also affects men. However, a measurable amount of men go for screening if any is offered. Apart from the radiologists screening, there is also self-test cancer screening. How does breast cancer develop? Breast cancer develops as a […]

When you picked your course after KCSE, what made you choose your current course? Most of the time, parents pay for what they believe will help secure their children a better future. If not their career paths, your parents might end up directing you where your “rich” auntie or uncle is doing. Your parents will […]

Setting the tone for the day’s productivity with a decent morning routine. But is it really only a matter of having an early morning routine and a healthy breakfast?  No matter how much chaos there is when you first open your eyes, remember that establishing a morning routine that increases productivity is a science that […]

Mental Health refers to an individual’s overall psychological well-being, which includes their emotional, social, and psychological state. It encompasses various aspects of a person’s life such as coping with stress, building and maintaining relationships, and making rational and independent decisions. Mental health affects how a person perceives and interacts with the world around them, and […]

Wednesday, 5th April 2023 – The Coca-Cola system in Kenya awarded the first winner with a year’s worth of food shopping in Nairobi. Kevin Mituga, a Saika resident in Nairobi was announced as the winner in the ongoing promotion. Speaking at the award ceremony, Kevin Mituga said, “It’s a once in a lifetime chance to be able […]

24th March 2022, Naivas Supermarket today launched their annual Seasonal Campaign. The campaign promises to be authentically Kenyan while delivering memorable experiences through thematic campaigns all the while exceeding customer expectations. This inaugural campaign comes barely a week after Kenyans took to the street to protest over the high cost of living. Kenyans are already […]

When dressing for winter weather it’s important to put extra thought into what you’re wearing and make sure you’re adequately covered from head to toe. To make the process of getting dressed for the winter easier, we researched the best cold-weather clothing tips.    Warm Clothing  Staying warm is quite easy if you pick high-quality […]

Dogs make us happier, healthier, and help us cope with a crisis. Recent research shows that owning a dog is good for you physically and emotionally. Benefits of having a dog as your pet:   Dogs make us feel less alone. They offer unconditional love, emotional support, and constant cuddles that help stave off social […]

A perfect morning routine is when you wake up and you decide to fit in a quick morning workout at home before making breakfast and starting your workday. From avoiding social media to drinking water and listening to a podcast. This will promote wellness and set you up for the rest of the day.  Whether […]

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