What a big day for NRG RADIO as it celebrated its 5th birthday since it was launched in 2018.

NRG RADIO UG🇺🇬 on Twitter: "We are 5 and Sexy !!😍😍😍 Happy Birthday NRG  RADIO!! - 5 strong ✊🏽 #NRGSexy5 #NRGTurns5 https://t.co/tvQ01UFreI" /  Twitter

NRG Radio vision focuses on shaping the entertainment sector by connecting consumers with high-quality content on Air, digitally and through experiential. It is a multiplatform entertainment experience that seeks to embrace digital technology. 

NRG Radio Kenya on Instagram: “@3men_army #NRGVines #NRGWeekend”

NRG Radio was launched to change how people listen to their music since it’s accessible online.  NRG Radio combines music and entertainment as it delivers all types of songs, whether riddim, reggae, or gospel.

Kenya's NRG Radio goes on-air and streams with Lawo crystal, sapphire and  R3LAY consoles | LIVE-PRODUCTION.TV

Since NRG Radio targets youth, Facebook,, Instagram, Twitter, and Linked In together with some chat groups on WhatsApp, are the most popular platforms for the station. When a listener delivers content to NRG Radio’s accounts, the broadcaster gives this content extra life by injecting it through its social media platforms. It also employs dedicated social media managers to keep the conversation trendy!

NRG Radio on Twitter: "Tupo site! Tupooo site buanaaaa🔥🔥🔥 The gang is  all set for #NRGTransit Mko? Represent mtaa yako tukisonga @KameneGoro  @ShaffieWeru @AwinjaNyamwalo @PierraM #nrgsexy5 https://t.co/HG4RxDT2go" /  Twitter 

On the 28th, NRG Radio celebrated its birthday through several activities. The station invited major celebrities to grace the shows on that day. The likes of Akothee, MC Jessy, Mejja, and Betty Kyalo hosted the NRG Circle on Thursday. 

Omwamba 🇰🇪 on Twitter: "Have you looked at this NRG Radio line up? Si  Kamene Goro, si Shaffie Weru, si Ronoh, si Mejja Mejja okwonkwo, si  Akothee, Si KRG the Don, si Omwamba 🇰🇪 on Twitter: "Have you looked at this NRG Radio line up? Si  Kamene Goro, si Shaffie Weru, si Ronoh, si Mejja Mejja okwonkwo, si  Akothee, Si KRG the Don, si

The NRG Transit was hosted by Kamene Goro, Shaffie Waweru, Awinja, and DJ Pierra while the NRG AM Show was hosted by Obinna, Mammito, Ronoh, and DJ Joe Mfalme.  The presence of those celebrities on the radio had a great impact. 

NRG Radio on Twitter: "Taking over the Transit show😎 It going down🔥🔥  Tune in to catch the littest and baddest radio crew in town🙌🏾🙌🏾  @jessythemc @djmalaika @bettymuteikyallo #NRGSexy5 #NRGTurn5  https://t.co/36YfvNw2zL" / Twitter NRG Radio on Twitter: "Five years of nothing but greatness🔥🔥🔥🔥 Are you  ready for the one of a kind mid-morning show? Catch @Iam_ronoh @ogaobinna  @mammitoeunice @djjoemfalme Utatune in kutoka wapi? #NRGSexy5 #NRGCircleRave

It was fun and entertaining to hear new celebrity voices on air. A convoy of buses (nganyas) along Thika Road was used to ride passengers to their destinations for free during the breakfast show. Presenters were seen giving out aprons,  t-shirts, and capes among others to NRG fans. This was purposely to mark the 5th celebration, in collaboration with Safaricom PLC.

Gracious Grace (@Graciou06503331) / Twitter NRG Radio on Twitter: "We are Number one in Everything, we are sexy🔥 We  are Bold, We are Energy Na Birthday 🎉 ni leo 🔥🔥Tukuje stage gani?  #NRGSexy5 https://t.co/rWh6c6limp" / Twitter

Happy Birthday  NRG Radio!


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