Fashionista Melina Gold decides to upgrade Mulamwah to “Dark and Handsome”

Written by on December 7, 2023

Fashion is a big thing to a celebrity and we all love being told that you are rocking an outfit by either a friend, family or even paparazzi.

Most people focus on the positive side of fashion and don’t speak out when someone is poorly dressed.

Fashion designer and singer Melina decided to come out and openly declare that Mulamwah has a terrible sense of dressing.

According to her, Mulamwah needed to up his fashion game since it didn’t match the level of a known celebrity.

To add salt to the injury she said that Mulamwah was just dark; he needed to dress properly for him to fit in the category of “dark and handsome”.

Talk of being mean and savage. Weeuuuh the lady woke up and chose violence as the day’s motivation.

Speaking in a joint media interview she told the journalist that if Mulamwah looks for her she would be willing to upgrade him so that people won’t look down on him

“When he looks for me, we’ll be able to upgrade him watu waache kumtharau sana, naonaga huwa anachongolewa sana kwa memes.

She added;

“Memes zote ni za Mulamwa, I feel when he gets a touch of Melina Gold, kuna vile tutamupgrade kiasi.

Atakuwa sasa handsome, unajua ile dark and handsome sai ako dark pekee.”

When she was asked if she had ever tried to reach out to Mulamwah and advise him on what to wear she bluntly said she didn’t.

She said;

“Not yet, nilitaka aone worth yangu so that by the time tunaaproachiana ama tunafikiana, he knows what is coming and what I’m bringing to the table.”

Whether Mulamwah will accept the sweet offer or not we at NRG News will keep you posted. ,

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