Jahmby’s mother discloses the date of Njambi’s burial.

Written by on June 10, 2024

The late Njambi ‘Jahmby’ Koikai’s mother has disclosed the date and location of her daughter’s burial. 

In an interview with local media, she stated that the late MC and radio presenter would be laid to rest on Friday, the 14th, at Lang’ata Cemetery. 

In addition, Njambi’s father explained why they decided to bury her at Lang’ata Cemetery instead of in their ancestral village. 

He explained that they chose Lang’ata Cemetery because her late grandmother was buried there, and they wanted Njambi to be laid to rest near her grandmother’s grave.

“The memorial service will be on Thursday, and more details will be provided before the burial on Friday at Lang’ata Cemetery. She will be buried there because her grandmother is buried there, and the family wanted her to be laid to rest close to her,” the deceased’s father explained.

Njambi’s mom added that the memorial service would be on Thursday and that people hoping to contribute should send their money to pay bill 600100 and account number 242424.

Njoki’s mother eulogises her

During another part of the interview, the heartbroken mother went on to eulogise her famous daughter in the present tense and listed the various attributes of the late Njambi.

“Kama mzazi was Njambi, hatutamweka in a box. She is many things. Ni msomi, a Christian, an artist, ni mwanasiasa, ni wa hio fraternnity wa reggae. Njambi is a mentor. 

“So hivyo ndivyo nilijua mtoto wangu kulingana na vile alikuwa na mafans wake. Njambi ni mkubwa. Kwa hivyo Njambi ni hiyo yote.”

She reiterated that her late daughter didn’t want to be put in a box and was a woman of the people.

“Na Njambi hakutaka kuwekwa kwa box na mtu yeyote kwa alihudumia kila mtu kibinafsi kwa hivo hangejileta kwa upande moja, aseme ‘Mimi ni hii, ama ‘mimi ni hii, Alikuwa mtu wa watu.”

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