Mulamwah finally moves out of his 9K bedsitter.

Written by on February 22, 2024

In an inspiring turn of events popular Kenyan comedian David Oyando famously known as Mulamwah, has shared the exciting news about his latest milestone.

The funnyman revealed that he has finally moved into a new house with his family. 

Mulamwah took to his Instagram to announce the exciting news of their relocation to a spacious three-bedroom house.

The comedian was able to achieve great success, but he lived a very modest life. He resided in a house that he had acquired for only Sh9,000. 

However, after the birth of his baby boy, he decided that it was time for him and his family to move into a bigger house that could accommodate them all.

In his message, Mulamwah reflected on the challenges and triumphs he faced along the way, as he celebrated his relocation from the Sh9K bedsitter to a 3B house with his family. 

“Finally !!… God is great KIJANA AMETOKA GHETO . I will miss my 9k bedsitter that welcomed me to the city. My friends wa mtaa pia bana but tutapatana tu. there were a lot of ups and downs but it really helped me save cash and appreciate life better ♥️. always appreciate and thank GOD for the little steps. move slow, move correct .” Mulamwa expressed with a mix of nostalgia and excitement

Mulamwa also did not stop there but he candidly revealed that his mansion is almost done hinting at even bigger plans for his family’s future. 

“Mansion is almost done, meanwhile wacha tuone hii life ya 3B Ikoje kanairo.ata sisi tuskie vile watu huskia bana . kalamwah kaenjoy kidogo. 🤣🤣 . mtu asikushiw any , songa na pace yako !Tunahama hadi na mitungi na kamba za nguo 🤣 ladies give your men time 🙏💯,” the father of two shared happily. 

In October 2023 Mulamwah showed off the progress of his multi-million mansion under construction showing a sneak peek video that showed from the rooftop of the yet-to-be-completed lavish property. 

Mulamwah’s announcement has garnered a lot of congratulatory messages from his fans with most applauding his, humble beginnings journey. 

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