Photos of Kelvin Kiptum’s three-bedroom house.

Written by on February 23, 2024

The three-bedroom house constructed in honour of World Marathon record holder Kelvin Kiptum is now complete.

The project radiates beauty and purpose, proving that in the face of doubt, persistence transforms critique it remains a majestic end product.

It was built in a record six days following an order by President William Ruto.

It is located at his four-acre Naiberi farm in Uasin Gishu some 20 kilometres from Eldoret town.

Vaghjiyani Enterprises Limited was contracted to do the work.

A modern technology of precast concrete and light gauge steel was applied in its construction.

Precast concrete wall panels are said to be a cost-effective alternative to the brick-and-mortar walling system.

Construction using this technology is also fast and does not require as much labour.

The house was fully been furnished and was due to be handed over to the family.

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