Reason GenZ are requesting flavoured teargas.

Written by on June 19, 2024

The Occupy Parliament protests on Tuesday, June 18, provided a platform for Kenyans to voice their opinions on the controversial proposed Finance Bill 2024.

The bill has led to significant public outcry as critics argue that it will burden citizens who are already facing economic hardships.

 The protests, which took place in the streets of Nairobi, particularly along Kimathi Street, saw police using teargas to disperse the demonstrators. 

Many were arrested, and efforts were made by lawyers to secure their release.

Notably, a young woman captured a video detailing her experience with teargas and humorously suggested that the government should consider adding flavours to it, as she walked with another protester recounting her day at the protests.

“Petition to have teargas flavorcoz hamuezi kuwa mnatutumia pili pili flavor wekeni mint,” she expresses her unhappiness.

She points out an example the authorities can use

“Copy vape mtengeneze gas zingine,” she informs the police.

“Ama we unaona aje,” she asked the young man beside her. He agreed adding, “True, ni minty eyes,” as the two bonded over how teary they are feeling with a burning sensation.

“Shop shop around, lets invest in that,” she advised authorities.

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