Vinnie Baite opens up on why he left his radio job.

Written by on February 12, 2024

Vinnie Baite returned to the stage this past weekend for the first time in a long time to perform in front of an adoring live audience. The comedians described his comeback as thrilling.

Speaking while attending the Wamusyi show, Vinnie said he had been unable to do stand-up for the last two years due to his radio job. He has since quit and made a comeback that he is looking forward to.

He performed during the show with greats Sammy Kioko and Tom Dakatari.

“The last time I performed was in 2022 December I was previously unable to because of my radio show. But I quit. I performed today and it’s a good comeback. I performed very well. One day I will plan my show”

He explained more about his decision to quit radio for good.

“Given a chance I would never go back to Radio. I’ll never do that again, Before I got the job I always wished to be on the radio. But now I don’t. “

He says it was not as lucrative as he thought

‘I would advise those who want to join Radio, that’s not a good decision for now, juu radio is a dying platform. Like radio every time wasee wametoka when is the last time you listened to the radio. So before I got into radio, I was I felt the urge to be on radio because I had that dream. but right now I think wasee wanafaa ku exploit online platforms more than TV, radio, “

Baite worked for Milele Fm alongside legendary radio personality Francis Luchivya but silently exited.

He never spoke about it

“When I left Media Max by the way I felt I had enough and all that. But I would never wish to return by the way. “

The experience was okay according to his account of the job

“Ilikuwa poa, it’s just that online there are more opportunities than on radio. Also, you see stations are clamping down on free speech”

He added about what he called sanctions.

“By the way media max wako na deni yangu. Kubwa sana Na sidhani watawahi lipa. but niliwa wachia lakini. Ni several hundreds of thousands. Ukiwa na pesa hufuatiliii. Wacha wakae nayo. After all that I have learned there are better avenues where you can make money where you can push your talent, other than radio.”

He concluded

“I worked for Media Max, and when I got out, they didn’t pay me. I saw my taxes were paid. I saw an email,” he shared details.

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