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Trisha Khalid has been collaborating with Flaqo Raz and Crazy Kennar to create content for the past few weeks The actress from the Becky series and Flaqo have been collaborating on content creation since February of this year. On her YouTube channel, she has been sharing the content she created with Flaqo’s various characters, including […]

Comedian Crazy Kennar sparked mixed reactions on the X platform, formerly known as Twitter, after claiming to be the most creative person ever to live. Kennar praised his mind and brain, likening them to a machine that perceives things from different angles of life and instantly creates humour that entertains people. The comedian, who started […]

On December 16th, 2023 Comedian and Content Creator Crazy Kennar staged an awesome show at KICC dubbed Happy Country. The comedian’s debut stand-up comedy show was a massive hit. The tickets for the show were sold out, and fans and celebrities turned up in large numbers to show their support.  They laughed the night away […]

TikTok has gradually become a worldwide phenomenon. From comedians and dancers to musicians and makeup artists, the platform boasts a diverse spectrum of entertainment that resonates with audiences all over the world. Kenyan content creators and influencers have made their mark on the international stage leaving an indelible impression. Below are some of the creatives […]

Kenyans have expressed apprehension regarding the state of Crazy Kennar’s welfare subsequent to a cryptic message he shared on his Instagram page.  Award-winning comedian, Crazy Kennar has penned a mysterious message amid swirling rumors of a potential discord between him and his fellow cast members. On the 4th of July, Tuesday, he shared a message […]

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