Crazy Kennar: Someone should write a book about me.

Written by on February 23, 2024

Crazy Kennar

Source: Crazy Kennar

Comedian Crazy Kennar sparked mixed reactions on the X platform, formerly known as Twitter, after claiming to be the most creative person ever to live.

Kennar praised his mind and brain, likening them to a machine that perceives things from different angles of life and instantly creates humour that entertains people.

The comedian, who started working independently last year after the breakup of his group, called on talented writers to seize the opportunity and narrate their stories in their scripts.

He went further to suggest the main topic of the book that would be written about him.

“My mind is like a creative machine; I see thoughts from all possible areas of the conceivable realm of ideas. I see stories, I see jokes, I see storyboards, I see memory lines, I see the world of film and TV in frames of 60 seconds. Someone should write a book about me. Topic: The Most Creative Man Alive,” Kennar said.

However, users who praise and congratulate him for his funny videos criticized him for boasting and argued he should have waited for recognition.

Below are some of the things some concerned X  users told him.

Towett Cheruiyot said;

“Wait until you get praise from your fans! You’re not as funny as you think. It’s just that we know it’s seeking flour that makes you hilarious! But if you were doing that until your 40s, you had to change a bit,” 

“No brother… You’ve got supportive listeners. But claiming to be a genius is not good. Change or perish,” Sir Carlos Wenga told him.

“There comes a time when a man feels he is better than anyone else… pride creeps in… be careful… Art has no best,” DJ Swanky Vybz added.

“Feeling like the most creative person alive is good! Just remember, pride comes before a fall. Stay humble, keep creating, and let your work speak for itself,” Cjay Chege advised.

What are your thoughts on Kennar calling himself the most creative living person?

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