CS Murkomen and Larry Madowo’s online feud takes a new turn.

Written by on April 17, 2024

An online argument between Transport CS Kipchumba Murkomen and CNN international correspondent Larry Madowo escalated on Tuesday evening as they disagreed on the state of Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

It began on Monday when Murkomen hit out at Madowo over videos he posted on X complaining about the state of the airport.

The infrastructure at JKIA has been severely neglected for a long time. However, Madowo was criticized for “suddenly” realizing this issue since he now lives abroad.

“I saw Larry taking videos at the airport. I was laughing because Larry had been with us in the country for the last 50 years when that airport was like that,” Murkomen wrote on X.

“Suddenly because he lives in ‘majuu’ (abroad) his eyes are open and realises that there is no shade when you exit JKIA. It happens to all of us when we travel,” he said.

Madowo responded to the Transport CS and described his rebuttal to the criticism as “premium gaslighting, deflecting and trivialising the issues”.

Murkomen responded by telling Madowo that he has a huge online following, which includes international citizens, and should therefore not amplify negativity in his motherland.

“That’s what has served us for those years. What makes us different is that we celebrate our milestones even as we pursue excellence. We don’t just whine,” Murkomen said.

He went on: “Do you want to tell me that there is nothing good in JKIA? Do you want to say that the only good thing you saw with the Expressway is the few minutes of blocked drainage?

“Stop amplifying negatives and have a balanced attitude towards life and progress. Bro, being a recognised Kenyan working for top global media house comes with utmost responsibility,” the CS added.

He further said offices like his exist to improve on some of the areas that are not in good condition.

Murkomen said Madowo’s complaining about the bad state of institutions paints an imbalanced picture of the country.

“I have shared what I think should help you. As for me, I promised Kenyans a new terminal the day I was appointed. There is nothing new that will change that resolve,” he said.

When Madowo returned to respond to the CS, he posted screenshots of tweets believed to have been authored by Murkomen decrying the poor state of JKIA in the past years.

Madowo captioned the images with, “Bro, is this you?”

“You are still justifying your misdemeanours? Bro, you never get it. Read 1 Corinthians 13:11-12,” Murkomen said in response.

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