Shorn Arwa left astonished after Jamaicans hospitality.

Written by on April 17, 2024

Kenyan YouTuber Shorn Arwa recently visited Jamaica. She documented her trip on social media, trying local cuisine and visiting attractions.

She has now shared some of the lessons learned during her tour with the biggest being the misconception people have about weed.

“Jamaicans don’t smoke weed as portrayed on the internet, people smoke yeah but not as thought, in fact, there are Jamaicans who don’t smoke at all.”

She also went on to praise the Jamaicans for their support when tourists visit their country.

“Jamaicans are very supportive, man the type of support is something I have never seen, Guys so many people would literally stop me on the road just to tell me how amazing my content is, am talking about old men and women, that was very surprising to me.”

In conclusion, Shorn advised Kenyans to embrace taking content in the street.

“Creating content in the streets of Jamaica is extremely easy and fun coz people are so friendly and welcoming as soon as they see the camera, they are willing to interact with you coz most of them just want to make your visit amazing, unlike home where people go like’ minipigs picha, unataka kuuzia wazungu’My country people change.” She said adding some laughing emojis.

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