“Unanioa lini?”- Zuchu begs Diamond to marry her in front of concertgoers.

Written by on April 17, 2024

Zuchu and Diamond Platnumz set hearts pulsing after performing their popular ballad Mtasubiri as the two performed on Tuesday, April 16th.

In a video on Wasafi TV, Zuchu sits on her boss’s lap Diamond and they sing part lyrics to their song before he asks her, “Zuchu unanipenda mi?”

She responds by saying, ‘Yes.’

“Unanitaka pia?” he adds, and she confirms so.

“Unaniamini?” he prods, as she rejects this idea, shaking her head no.

“Na utanizalia?” she keeps quiet and then asks, “Unanipenda mimi?” He says, “Sana.”

“Unanitaka pia?” Zuchu begs Simba.

“Unanioa lini?” she asks as he crooned, “Kesho.” She reacted, “Unanitumia?” she asked him while standing up and walking away with hands questioning him.

Diamond was shocked at Zuchu’s request, causing her to turn to the crowd and plead for their help in convincing Diamond to marry her.

“Nyie nao mnatakiwa museme, ‘muoe, muoe,'” the ‘Sukari’ musician instructs the audience who simultaneously chant, “Marry her, marry her.”

Zuchu’s beloved fans decided to leave some comments trying to purse the Wasafi owner to fall for Zuchu’s demands.


Queen of standard 👏👏👏she’s very smart and didn’t rush to have a baby with a man without marriage first . Nothing wrong having standards 👏👏


Kosa la zuchu nini sasa apo mana diamond anatak mtot bila ndoa na yey kasema nioe sasa tatizo lipo wap? 😃 achen makasiriko ila sema nini tumechoka na izo drama za zuchu na mond na nyimb mmeitumia sana tumeichoka pia 😜


Ila @officialzuchu nmekupenda bure hatutaki kutumiwa 😂 akili kubwa mwendo ni mmoja tu mjukuu wa kopa no kuzaa mpaka akuoe si unaona wengine alizaa nao mmmmmh 👏

The song was released in 2022 when speculation about their relationship was high and they acted coy.

In the video, the two deny romantic involvement but still share a cosy moment. The use of Christianity in the video caused discomfort among music fans, some of whom felt disrespected.

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