Nyako pleads for financial aid.

Written by on December 5, 2023

German-based content creator Nyako requested financial aid from fans after her PayPal account was deactivated by authorities.

In a live video on Tuesday 5 Dec in the morning, she expressed her misfortunes to her followers, by stating that the money in her PayPal account was to pay for her rent but she was unfortunately broke.

The content creator told her followers that her main source of income was TikTok and she doesn’t depend on anyone else but the hard work she does.

Nyako in a hurtful tone told her fans of the disaster that had befallen her.

She said:

“I had some money on my PayPal and I wanted to transfer it to my account so that I can pay my rent tomorrow.

Kuingia kwa PayPal balance iko minus na nikaongezewa pesa zingine nafaa kulipa niko like pesa zangu za TikTok zimeisha na nimewekewa tena minus balance.”

While stating her dissatisfaction she added that she had to pay 1,500 Euros to PayPal and also write a letter to them explaining how she spent the money.

“There’s 1,500 Euros I have to pay PayPal back so napigia simu PayPal nawauliza ni nini? hakuna kitu nimenunua offlate na zile vitu nimenunua tayari pesa ishatolewa kwa bank account.

A polite lady akasema jina ingine hapo sielewi kisha akasoma jina ingine najua kisha aksema there’s a conflict, someone else made a complaint against me so they took that money from me. 

Now I have to pay PayPal and write a letter to PayPal as to why I received that money, I have tried to explain to PayPal hiyo pesa ilikuwa pesa ya charity na hiyo pesa I have already spent it on charity.”

Nyako reminded her followers of the many charities she had done for Brian Chira and said that the same lady was the one who complained against her.

She stated: 

“You remember when I was doing a charity for Brian Chira, that lady Absolute sent me 5000 Euros.

After talking to PayPal they told me that I have to sit down and answer every complaint that she has made against me.”

According to Nyako, not only did Absolute have her accounts frozen but she also wrote to the German government that she gave Nayako charity money.

According to Nyako the lady has a personal beef with her and is on her neck way too much.

Loyal fans showed their concerns to her and urged her to take heart as it was a trying time and she would come out stronger than she previously was.

Nyako concluded the live TikTok by asking for financial aid from her fans and promised to upload her PayPal account number on her page by evening.



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