Tileh Pacbro showcases his romantic side all over social media.

Written by on December 6, 2023

Most people view December as a time for enjoyment but to content creator and dancer Tileh Pacbro it is a time to spread love.

The dancer decided to bring Valentine’s Day way too early and surprised his wife Martina with a car truck full of flowers.

Tileh Pacbro sweetly said that the main reason he bought the flowers was for their 4th anniversary.

“For our 4th  anniversary, I decided to buy my wife flowers I couldn’t afford when we started…”

Ladies if your man doesn’t randomly decide to act right and get you something you’ve always craved in the relationship I think it’s time you moved on.

The dance choreographer brought a smile to the mother of his child with a simple gesture. He understood the saying “You are my rose but I’ll still give you your flowers”

The couple celebrated their 4th anniversary on the 5th of December 

After he was trolled because of his public display of affection to his wife, Pacbro stated that people should let him flex on his woman.

“Woke up and told @maridadi_maua to fill up my car truck with flowers for my queen.

Back then I had to pick between buying flowers or dinner for myself, now that I can afford it, y’all will have to allow  me to flex on my woman.”

Martina reacted by commenting that Tileh is always obsessed with her.

The internet never failing to have something to comment on, told Tileh that he was setting the standards way too high for the common hustler.

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